Adult braces are a great option to achieve your dream smile! Many adults are frustrated with the appearance of their smile, and are ready to take the next step in aligning their teeth. At Gaston Orthodontics we want to provide you with information on what you should expect from adult braces, to help you determine if this treatment is a good fit for you. 

Our dentists are here to build a customized orthodontic plan for your smile. Many adults believe they missed their opportunity to get braces, but you are never too old for orthodontic treatment! In fact, no matter what your age, your teeth will respond over time to the force of braces’ brackets and wires. Your dream smile is achievable and it starts with proper orthodontic treatment. So, what does the process of getting braces look like, and what are our adult braces expectations? 

After a consultation and formation of a treatment plan with our team of dental experts, you will come in for an appointment to get your braces put in place. The treatment begins with brackets bonded to the front of each tooth to act as anchors. Wires are then placed through the brackets and secured with elastic bands. Your dentist will tighten the wires to put tension on the teeth, causing them to slowly shift  into the proper position. In order for your alignment to progress successfully, you can expect to come in for an appointment with us every 4-6 weeks for your braces to be adjusted.

It is important to have great oral hygiene since plaque can easily build up around the brackets. Make sure to brush your teeth vigorously around the brackets using a fluoride toothpaste. You should continue to floss and use a fluoride mouth rinse once a day. During your orthodontic treatment, we advise avoiding hard, sticky, or chewy foods. This includes: popcorn, gum, ice, nuts, gummy bears, and more. Avoiding these foods helps prevent any damage that could occur to the wires, which saves you another trip to our office for repairs. 

Adult braces are a great option to realign your teeth to form your perfect smile! With adult braces, your teeth can get the desired results in as little as one year. Depending on the severity of the alignment process, some braces may need to be kept on for around three years. If you have any questions regarding the adult braces expectations outlined above, please give us a call at 704-671-4051. We are happy to help!