According to the American Association of Orthodontics, all children should be scheduled for an initial evaluation by an orthodontist before they turn 7 years old. Interceptive orthodontics, often referred to as Phase I of orthodontic treatment, is extremely helpful in guiding a child’s development – whether that is with their jaw bone, teeth positioning or even facial structure.

Not only will early childhood orthodontic treatment help improve your child’s oral health and keep their growth on track, it can also be beneficial monetarily as it can prevent more serious or difficult procedures down the line. Below we want to further explain to you the benefits of some of the most successful interceptive treatments we offer here at Gaston Orthodontics.

Early Orthodontic Issues & Treatment

Overcrowding is a common issue in many children and even adults. In fact one of the biggest responsibilities of baby teeth is simply to hold the space for permanent teeth to grow in properly for optimal functionality. However, if a baby tooth is lost prematurely for one reason or another, we may need to insert a space maintainer – an anchored, removable device made of metal or plastic – to hold that place open and allow the rest of your child’s teeth to develop forming the best bite possible.

We frequently come across various crossbites and underbites in our younger patients, as well. A crossbite can occur with just one tooth or across many teeth on both the top and bottom jaw and causes the jaw to shift to one side when a child bites down. Underbites occur when the lower front teeth place themselves on top of the upper front teeth when a child bites down.

Palatal expanders are used as an early orthodontic treatment method to widen your child’s jaw and create more space in their mouth so that the upper and lower teeth align properly when biting. Fixing a misaligned bite and widening one’s smile before receiving braces can actually shorten the amount of time it takes for braces to straighten one’s teeth.

Get Our Advice on Interceptive Orthodontics!

There are multiple orthodontic problems that are much easier to correct when they are diagnosed and treated early. If left untouched for a longer period of time, these issues can have larger, negative effects on your child’s jaw or facial structure. Call us today at (704) 671-4051 to schedule your child’s first orthodontic evaluation and we will help to determine if interceptive orthodontics is the right path for him or her! Or take just 2 minutes to schedule an appointment online HERE.