If you have been struggling with misaligned teeth and dreaming of achieving that “perfect” smile for a while now, braces are still a great option. Braces offer a highly effective method of shifting your teeth into alignment, at any age! Adult braces may be given a negative reputation due to stereotypes of middle schoolers and young adults being the most commonly seen orthodontic cases. However, according to the American Association of Orthodontists, 1 in every 4 orthodontic patients seen in the U.S. today is an adult. Our team at Gaston Orthodontics wanted to provide you with the following information to help guide your decision on orthodontic treatment as an adult.

You Are Never Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment!

Adult teeth can be moved, too, and age is almost never a factor that our doctors take into consideration when providing your first orthodontic consultation. Many adults think that once they have gone so long without treatment the easiest fix is through veneers or dentures. While these methods can offer a quick, cosmetic solution to a misaligned smile, they really do not solve the issue of misalignment, they just disguise it. Today the average 25-year-old has close to 75 more years of use in their permanent teeth. With proper hygiene and routine dental visits, you can keep your teeth’s form and function throughout your entire life! Plus, aligning your teeth through adult braces can help prevent oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

Are Adult Braces More or Less Effective?

Many common orthodontic issues, like crooked teeth, under bites, over bites, and cross bites, are just as easily resolved in adults as they are in children and teens. No matter your age or how long your permanent teeth have been fully grown in, all teeth will respond over time to the force of braces’ brackets and wires. Some adult cases may take a bit longer than younger orthodontic patients simply because the bone in their jaws and mouths is stronger and more developed from time. Greater bone density can sometimes be cause for a more comprehensive case since your teeth because they are more strongly held in place.

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