A lot of kids need to have braces more than one time throughout their childhood. When this happens parents are often tempted to consider alternatives to braces for aesthetic purposes. Clear aligners are offered within most orthodontic offices, but sometimes they are not the best option for children that need to straighten their teeth or realign their jaw. Find out from our professionals here at Gaston Orthodontics why clear aligners are usually not the best product to use when children are in need of orthodontic treatment.

Usually, clear aligners are not recommended because children have not reached the level of maturity required to keep their clear aligners in for long periods of time, and they may not remember to clean their trays when they are brushing their teeth. This can cause many parents to end up paying more as their children have to wear their aligners for longer than originally prescribed.

This can not only cause problems with the treatment plan, but it might actually make their teeth worse when they continue to take the aligners on and off. They’re more likely to become annoyed with the process and take the aligners out, especially when their mouth becomes uncomfortable with tighter trays.

Children are also more prone to losing or breaking their aligners when they take them out to eat. This is something that can become a problem since it is not only costly to replace them, but it leaves them without braces for an extended period of time and their teeth can shift back very quickly.


If you’re considering braces for your child, speak with us here at Gaston Orthodontics in Gastonia, North Carolina. We are easily able to recommend the best orthodontic treatment necessary based on the child and their specific need for aligners. Clear aligners are not for everyone and traditional metal braces are best suited for those children that need to have a straighter smile.