It is still just as important, if not more, that you maintain good oral hygiene with braces. They need to be brushed regularly and flossed at least once per day. Just because you have a wire across your teeth does NOT mean that you can skip flossing. This will leave cavity-causing debris on your teeth that is simply not acceptable. In order to avoid cavities, you need to make sure you keep up with your oral health routine. Here at Gaston Orthodontics, we can help you with every phase of your orthodontic care.

The best way to learn how to floss around your braces is to learn from us as you are getting your braces put on the first time. We will help show you how to properly floss between each of your teeth without breaking your wires. If you want, you can simply thread the floss under the wires and floss each gap that way. However, that is not the best option you have.

There are two options that work far more effectively and efficiently. First, you can buy dental flossers that are made specifically for people with braces. These special flossers have a small, flexible needle attached to one end, made of plastic, that you use just like a sewing needle. You thread the needle between your teeth and the wire, helping you to get the floss between each set of teeth quickly. Second, and likely the most effective option, is using a water flosser. You can fill the reservoir with water or with mouthwash, and use the jet to help you clean between teeth. This way, there is no floss to try and thread between each wire and tooth.

If you need help with flossing while you have braces, we can help. Come in and see us here at Gaston Orthodontics, and let us help you keep your teeth healthy throughout your alignment process. The point of getting braces is to help you have a beautiful, healthy, and straight smile. So, make sure you do everything you can to keep your teeth healthy during the straightening process. Contact us today!