Invisalign is a hot topic here at Gaston Orthodontics! People often are asking what Invisalign is and how it differs from traditional braces. We’re here to clear up any confusion and help you decide what orthodontic treatment option is best suited for your needs.

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, clear aligners (Invisalign) are custom made plastic replicas of your teeth and work by putting gentle pressure on your smile to shift it to an ideal position. This treatment option is the least invasive option of the two, and is a great option for working professionals and any other patients looking for a more discrete way to straighten their smile.

In addition to these trays being practically invisible and fit for most lifestyles, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing Invisalign:

  • Removability
    • The majority of folks love that they can take their trays out to eat, brush, floss, or simply just to take a break from them, however, it is important to stay disciplined and wear them as prescribed, which typically means wearing them the majority of each day.
    • Just like post-braces retainers, these clear molds are sometimes hard to find if misplaced. Make sure to have a method in place when removing your Invisalign to enjoy lunch or dinner to ensure you don’t have any run-away trays.
  • Comfort 
    • When switching to a new set of trays, discomfort can occur, but besides the transition period between trays, clear aligners are often the more comfortable option of the two. 
  • Hygiene
    • There are certain drinks to steer clear from when having your aligners in as specific liquids can lead to stained teeth and tray damage. The easy fix to this is talking to your orthodontist and knowing what the do’s and don’ts are when it comes to liquids and Invisalign.

We hope this gives you a look into what Invisalign could offer you and your smile. As always, consult your awesome orthodontic team in order to determine the right plan for your teeth.

If you are wondering if Invisalign may be right for you, don’t hesitate to give our team a call at (704) 671-4051.