Making sure to keep your typical oral hygiene practices when you have braces is key to locking in a stunning post-braces smile. Maintaining habits like brushing regularly and flossing at least once a day are a great place to start. We know, flossing looks a little different and may be more time consuming with wire and brackets across your teeth, but by taking the extra step daily, your future self will thank you as failing to floss can leave cavity-causing debris in your teeth. Our team here at Gaston Orthodontics love to see your smiling, cavity-free faces with braces!

The easiest way to learn how to floss around your new bling is to learn from us! After we put your braces on, we’ll show you to properly and easily floss between each tooth without breaking the wires before we send you on your way to show off your new smile.

Buying dental flossers that are specially made for braces is a great route to take! They have a tiny, flexible plastic piece on one end that you use just like a sewing needle to thread the floss through your brackets. Another route to take is using a water flosser. You simply fill the reservoir with water, and the technology is created to use force, similar to that of a water hose, to push a tiny stream of water in your mouth to help you clean between your teeth. This method knocks out the middleman, floss, and is an easy way to get in those hard to reach places!

We do everything we can to help you succeed on your journey and know the transition to getting braces is a huge one. If you ever have any questions or find you’re struggling to floss effectively around your brackets, give us a call at (704) 671 – 4051. We’re here to help every step of the way!