People often develop the conception that Invisalign is an all around easier process to align your teeth into a perfect smile than treatment with traditional braces may be. Although Invisalign does require less maintenance, the treatment is much more than just throwing in a clear aligner and calling it a day. Our team at Gaston Orthodontics has gotten together to create a comprehensive post detailing what you need to be aware of in regards to properly caring for your Invisalign aligners throughout your treatment journey, and what to expect on that journey.

Cleaning Your Aligners

Cleaning your Invisalign aligners may seem simple, but it is important to note the Do’s and Don’ts that come with taking your trays in and out. As you are removing trays to eat or drink, be sure to pay attention to where you are placing them. Not only is it easy to forget they are in a wadded up napkin and accidentally throw them away, but as they are sitting out in the open, they are susceptible to germs and dirt that may be floating around you. We suggest always keeping a retainer case on you to protect your trays from becoming infected.

Add your Invisalign aligners to your regular morning and night time routine! As you are brushing and flossing your teeth, be sure to rinse your aligners and gently brush them, too. Dried saliva and plaque that makes its way to your trays can form harmful or foul smelling bacteria if you are not careful. There are also multiple soaking solutions available to keep bacteria away, like Retainer Brite or the official Invisalign brand cleaning crystals.

Getting New Aligners

With Invisalign treatment you will have to come in for check ups with us every 6 – 8 weeks. These visits allow us to monitor your alignment process and ensure teeth are shifting as planned. This is also the frequency in which you will receive each new package of aligners. You only wear each set of trays for 1 – 2 weeks, with each tray feeling a little tighter or applying slightly more pressure than the previous set.

In the case that one set goes missing or breaks, do not panic! It is fine to go back to your previous set or move forward to your next set, depending on how your teeth feel. If the next set up is too uncomfortable, take a step backwards. Our front desk team is happy to help you determine the best method of dealing with a missing tray set, just call us at 704-671-4051 with any questions or concerns you may have! You can also make your next Invisalign treatment check up with our easy online scheduler today.