A study done by the the American Association of Orthodontists showed that 99% of parents believe mouth guards should be a requirement for their children to play organized sports. However only 63% of those parents could attest that their own child actually does wear a mouthguard during the entirety of his / her games and practices.

Injuries Add Up

You can buy a mouth guard for as little as $10 at your local sporting goods store. It’s one of the least expensive pieces of protective athletic gear out there, especially when you start comparing that $10 to the cost of repairing a broken or dislocated permanent tooth. One broken tooth may not seem like a big deal, but the procedures required to fix it can add up to thousands of dollars and that’s not including the payments that may come up over time as more repairs and updates are needed to that same tooth.

When Should A Mouth Guard Be Required?

This may come as a surprise to most people, but basketball is actually the #1 contributor to sports-related dental injuries. Even before football! In fact 25% of all basketball injuries affect players above their neck. Mouth guards should really be worn while playing every contact sport, whether it is a game, practice or just a little neighborhood round of pick-up.

Even though basketball, football, soccer and baseball are the first sports that come to mind when thinking of injury, there are cases in every sport that support making mouth guards mandatory. Think about the position each runner lowers themselves in to for a track start, with knees and elbows flying anyone’s tooth could easily get in harms way. Or in gymnastics, what happens when someone doesn’t stick the landing and ends up face first on the balance beam?

No More Excuses

A mouth guard might not be the “coolest” thing to show up wearing to after school practice, but let’s face it, neither are braces. Protect your mouth from injury and prevent your orthodontic treatment from being extended due to injury by getting a mouth guard today! Call us in Gastonia, NC today at 704-671-4051 and one of our expert orthodontists will recommend the mouth guard that best fits and protects with your current treatment.